Qurop provides an integrated service, which enables businesses and professionals to establish, develop and maintain a strong web and digital presence. Qurop focuses on quality and professionalism delivered by careful selection of the best technologies and tools.

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Design & development

The proofs of Qurop’s experience and skills have always been in the company’s deliveries. Qurop does not only plan and design ­­— our 10+ experience in delivering complete web project enables us to manage, build and deliver on a wide range of technical requirements. 

For more than 12 years, the Qurop team has built corporate websites, multimedia applications, data management systems, blogs and micro-sites, social and mobile applications. Our experience, coupled with the structured approach we apply to each project, means that our clients trust us to build, test and deploy their applications on-time within the agreed budget.

The deliveries Qurop does are based on tested, reliable and secure open-source web technologies. The Qurop team takes time to produce detailed technical planning and to design each solution, so that we deliver to you the technologies that are just right for your technical framework. 

When working on a project Qurop sticks to tested project management practices. The team provides frequent management progress reports. Each component it tested and the whole delivery goes through a detailed Q&A review. 

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A successful web strategy is all about results. Our approach focuses on a bottom up approach, the solutions engineered by Qurop offer a way for businesses to plan for success.



In Qurop we are not just theorists. Once the initial design and planning has been completed, we start work on the actual technical work in making a client’s digital strategy work.



At Qurop we only trust in things we can prove. Each of our project is focussed around a standardised approach of analysis of the goals, selection of the tools, production and then analysis of results.